Voluntary Water Use Restrictions

Dear Customer:

As you know, we have experienced very little rain, our area is well below the average rainfall this summer and we are still in a drought that has placed an increased demand on water systems in the State of Texas. Although our water supply capacity is adequate to meet the current needs of our customers, we need your help to voluntarily conserve water to ensure all water systems in the affected area have an adequate supply of water for essential uses.

All District water customers are asked to voluntarily reduce water use both indoors and outdoors. Please help us reduce water use by following the suggestions listed below:

  1. Limit all outdoor watering, and water early or late in the day so that the water does not evaporate and goes where it is needed. Outdoor watering can increase water use as much as 50% or more during peak watering months.
  2. Check faucets in your home or business to identify and repair any leaks. Just a small drip can waste 15 – 20 gallons or more of water per day.
  3. Check toilets to ensure the flapper valve is not leaking. A leaking toilet can waste 100 gallons of water, or more, per day.
  4. Limit showering to 5 minutes and filling the tub to no more than 5 inches. This can save 20 – 50 gallons of water, or more, per day.

The Board of Directors appreciates your cooperation during this drought condition. Once the drought condition ends, we will notify you and you may return to normal usage. If conditions should worsen, it may be necessary to impose mandatory water use restrictions at which time you will be notified of the more stringent restrictions. For additional information please contact the District’s Operator at 281-897-9100, or online at: http://www.regionalwater.net for helpful water conservation information.

Very truly yours,
Board of Directors
Harris County MUD No. 119

Voluntary Water Use Restrictions (PDF)

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